The Adventure Travel Film Festival

omidvar-brothers1In a world saturated with film festivals, it can be easy to overlook some of the smaller, more specialised events. As an avid traveller and documentary lover, I was pretty excited, then, to come across The Adventure Travel Film Festival, based out of Dorset in the UK.

In its second year, the festival – founded by travel writer Lois Price and filmmaker Austin Vince – looks to bring the thrill of adventurous travel to audiences who want to collectively experience it on the big screen. It may be no substitute to visiting these exotic climes in person, but it certainly provides people with the chance to see more of the world – and live vicariously – via the intrepid adventurers they’re watching.

The festival’s 5-point manifesto clearly states their mission;

– To showcase the best independent adventure travel films ever made
– To guarantee a platform for future adventure film-makers
– To bring together the adventure travel community
– We know that making a good film isn’t difficult — we will show you how
– To have loads of fun while doing all the above!

Some highlights from the programme include Alone Across Australia, a self-shot doc by adventurer John Muir, who crossed the Australian desert on his own over a four month period, living off rainwater and the animals he encountered; White Silk Road follows a group of Aussie surfers who take their snowboards to “the axis of evil” to ride some snow in Afghanistan, finding a lot fewer jihadis and lot more warm welcomes than we might be led to believe, and World Traveller Adventures – Mission to India which looks at a group of underground sound engineers, travellers and new-age ravers who transport their sprawling community to India in a bid to start a new culture of techno on the sub-continent.

Other highlights include the UK premier of a rare collection of Iranian travel documentaries by the Omidvar Brothers between 1954-64, a filmmaking workshop on How to Film Your Adventure, alongside specialist sessions on shooting with Super 8, sound, narrative and editing, and the Vintage Cinema Bus, which will feature a programme of documentary shorts from the BFI film archives.

Running from 16 – 18 August 2013.


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